$20 Gold at Record Low Premiums!

Monarch has been watching as the premiums for $20 Gold pieces have done nothing but shrink, and we are not the only coin-outfit that has noticed!  Read this excerpt from this month’s issue of Greysheet:

Double Eagles: This is the first time the Greysheet has ever published a bid price for circulated, common date double eagles—of both types—that is below the actual melt value. While this may seem illogical, the reality is that the highest bid all of the major buyers are willing to pay for these coins in Very Fine to Extra Fine is around 99% of the melt value. There is simply more than enough supply, even with the aforementioned spot price action. The “round weight” argument notwithstanding, anyone looking to buy the yellow metal at the lowest possible premium need not look further than right here.

We have $20 Gold in stock at these low premiums!  Click here for today’s pricing.

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