Operations Update

After hours of research and careful consideration of the facts, Monarch has made it our goal to provide a safe space for our staff as well as any high-risk customers. As such, we have implemented the following policies:

  • Customers who wear a protective mask are allowed into the store with a maximum occupancy of 3 clients at-a-time.
  • If a customer prefers not to wear a mask we are offering a no-contact option in the entryway.
  • Appointments are not necessary, though they may be helpful as they will allow you to skip any sort of line should there be one.
  • No coin displays are out but we are able to pull displays on an individual basis if there is something in which you have an interest.

We appreciate the positive feedback that many of you have provided regarding our current operating standards.  We also understand that it is very frustrating for many of our long-time customers who are accustomed to the old way of doing business and we hope to be able to find a way to safely serve you in the near future.

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