Sell to Us

Selling to Monarch is easier than you might think!  Our experienced team will walk you through the process and ensure that you feel comfortable selling your items.  We offer payment of cash (limited amount, please call), business check or wire transfer ($20 fee for wire transfers under $50,000)

Precious Metals

Monarch is able to quickly process purchase orders of Precious Metals and any of our associates is capable of helping you determine a value for your items.

Appraisals & Estates

Whether it be a collection you have amassed yourself or an estate that you have inherited, Monarch offers appraisal services.  We can write an official appraisal with our letterhead for your tax or insurance needs for $95/ hour.  If you sell 75% or more of the collection then all appraisal fees are waived (free)!

Call during business hours and speak with an associate regarding any questions you may have!