Silver Dollar Madness

We are running a Silver Dollar promotion that we call Silver Dollar Madness (said in an echo-ey movie trailer voice)!  This promotion is available IN STORE ONLY, so hurry in before it’s too late.

In store we have two giant, glass pickle jars filled with nice quality silver dollars.  These silver dollars were first made 140 years ago in 1878 and ended in 1935.


The following noteworthy silver dollars are in the jars waiting to be found:

  • A complete 94 pc. set of Morgan silver dollars, including the 1893 from San Francisco (look that one up! Hooooo-wee!).
  • Five (yes, five!) complete 24 pc. sets of Peace dollars, minted during the roaring 20’s.
  • 100 (you read that right, one hundred) dollars from the Carson City “CC” Mint.
  • A roll of 20 1896 silver dollars to celebrate Utah’s Statehood.
  • Scarce Varieties for the advanced collector:
    • 1888-O Double die obverse “Hot Lips” in fine condition.
    • 1890-CC “Tail Bar” caused by an errant die gouge
    • 1891-CC “Spitting Eagle”, which appears to show our National Bird with a tobacco chewing problem.
  • To end it all with a SHOUT, the person who buys the last dollar in the jars, will receive a GSA 1885-CC dollar valued at $800.00 for FREE!

Price per coin*:
1-19: $29.95
20-99: $29.50
100+: $28.95

*Prices subject to market changes

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