U.S. Mint Gold & Silver

The U.S. Mint continues to provide investors and collectors with a wild ride! Hold on to your seats because this ride is getting crazier by the minute, as the U.S. Mint appears to be winding down production of 2022 Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo products without being able to meet consumer demand.  The result? Premiums are moving higher as desire remains high for American gold and silver products while available supply shrinks.

Available supply on all silver and gold products is dwindling quickly as the global economic outlook weakens.  While spot prices may be lower, premiums over spot are increasing, reflecting the overall appetite for physical precious metals.  We are starting to see delay times ranging from 2-4 weeks on many products. Other products are sitting at an unknown delay as mints around the world continue to struggle with an increased demand.

For now, we have a decent supply of gold and silver in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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